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Serbia's army is creating a sports unit! | News


Serbia's army is creating a sports unit!

The military spokesmen for the defense ministry and the army of Serbia joined the victorious achievements, efforts, stability and discipline.

Serbia's Defense Minister Aleksandr Woolen was present at the meeting with the Chief of General Staff of Serbia and Lieutenant General Milan Mozzilovich, Serbia's General Staff Chief. Competitions were organized for members of the Republic of Serbia, such as judo and marathon.

The Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces won three medals at the 38th World Military Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the history of the military judo, Serbs won a medal for Serbia.

At the 50th World Marathon Championships in Beirut, Lebanon won a silver medal at the Women's Team and Defense Ministry of Serbia's Armed Forces. Members of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) participated in 15 countries around the world.

In recent competition, the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army won three medals at the 38th World Military Championships in Rio de Janeiro. / 2018/11/17/15 / 462257_unnamed_ff.jpg? Ver = 1542465768
The judo team of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army won three medals at the 38th World Military Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: Promo

The achievements and achievements made in the World Cup have been created by Defense Department and General Staff Minister Dr. JUDO, for a free seven-day floor, presented all athletes of the military representation at the Marathon.

Successes, the effort, stability, and also their disciplinary puranveccum Congratulations to them openly, Ministry of Defense, the Army of Serbia vulsin military – the military will always be a member of a professional athlete, always loved his country and the army, sevikkunnavanumayavan pride, onnamatte Indeed, not only is not enough.

The minister pointed out the significance of the sport in Cynnia, saying that the Serbian army should not only spread sports but live with the sport.

When we ignored sports, we did not think how important it was, but we had a time, we did not understand. The need to invest in unusual people is the time of their family, they have created an outcome-not just for themselves, but for the Serbian army. An example of how we should look at Serbia's army is that we want our members to see how our members think and think, "said Woolen.

According to him, at least those who played in his life have the ability and spirit to be stronger than the body and that the results of the triumph can be achieved and not the physical predispositions victory.

– If we have physical precautions, we would not have been competitive, we will evaluate ourselves and say who is the winner. You are successful because you decided to get your will done. Serbia's army is still functioning under the provision of sports in the army. Do not depend on individuals capable of sacrificing, capable, capable, capable, and willing to invest themselves in the Serbian army. This is valuable and will be honored always be honored, Moreover, we need to restore a system of Serbian Armed Forces, it is the person's ability to preserve a system that provides protection, and all of his skills to fully develop the ability to express the best performance of genius – the statue Assessed the minister.

That is why we will be creating a better sports unit in recent years and the best thing to do is to handle the best.

Siniša Radović pointed out that the competition in these world games was strong "m_id =" 462259 "src =" http://www.espreso.rs/data/images/2018/11/17/15/462259_unnamed-2_ff. jpg? ver = 1542465734
Sonasa Rodovic pointed out that the competition was strong in these world tournaments Photo: Promo

This is a way. Being part of Serbia's craftsmanship, we are able to attract the best and most talented athletes for us to attract the Serbian army and take their members out of their jobs. If someone knows how to take up their job, one is proud of them, if they want to use their knowledge and are not actively competitors in years, they will be able to use them in their active activities in sports, which they have decreased, he emphasized, Woolen said.

Brigadier General Cínga Radovic, representative of the CIA Republic of Serbia pointed out. Competition in these world tournaments is very strong, and we are proud to show our team the skills, skills, and abilities that Judeo and Marathon have prepared for our team.

Without giving support and support to our athletes to participate in world sporting events, Wool congratulated the general Majorilovic on the general radoic athletes with gratitude.

"The development of sports in Cyan, the power of energy, the people, the support of sports associations and institutions in our country, we are able to succeed in this road", adding that an unusual cooperative network was established in military sports.

Lieutenant Vesna, who won the bronze medal in the 78 kg category, said that the team has been working on the role of the military junior, all the members of the team have worked on, worked and invested, professional for personal needs, and for such results.

Speaking on behalf of the representatives of our army's marathon voters, Captain Nevan Joaquin points out that this match is very challenging. Since our team members do not have such an impact, the success of our team makes it more relevant.

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