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Suspected mother trying to kill his wife: Bojan wanted to rip his throat | Chronicle

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August 10, 2019 9:02 AM |

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Jelika Stan Niswoljevich about her son knife wounds to her husband. Although he shot her, the bridegroom urged her not to kill herself

I still can’t get to myself, I’m in shock. They were getting ready to go on their birthday and there was nothing to suggest that something like this would happen. I just heard a noise and a shot, then Gordon was trying to remove my son Bojan. We were trying to control it.

Thus, pointing to cuts in the striped hands, Jelika Stanisavljevic records a heartbreaking incident from Thursday, when her son, 40, in Beckman's Surin settlement, tried to kill wife Gordana (37 37).

The play, Jurica explains, begins with Jura at his home on Jackson Street, and Bojan finally arrives at Gordana in the hallway of his brother's house located on the same street.

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"Although he had never drank before, he started drinking that day, apparently happy because he was ready for Gordon's brother's baby's birthday," Jelica says. "They didn't quarrel before, at one point he took me to the room to discuss something." At one point, I heard a gunshot and ran outside the room. He fired three shots, one of his sons hitting the blade, but luckily the front shot was stuck in the barrel. Then he took the knife and prepared to knife it.

Jamelica says she tried to stop her son, escaped to Gorda's house and had children after her, 13-year-old L.J. S. and ten-year-old A.S.

"He was running down the street, and I followed him," Jelika says. – But he kept living. Gordana ran to my second son's house. He grabbed her there and attacked her. It was scary. We were trying to catch him, shouting for help. At one point Gordana shouted to her son, "Take something strong and kill your dad in the head." He got the vessels and saved us. Eventually, my son tried to kill himself, he cut his throat, and he wanted to rip his throat. Gordana begged him not to come. And he gave up.

Sanja Stanishevik with her daughter and "Novosti" journalist photo N. Scanderi

As told by the family drama Novosti and Sanja Stanisavljevich, the wife of Bojan's brother, whose house escaped to Gordana, and who learned of what was happening at the door of his house.

– We were on the phone shortly before trying to kill Gordana with the burden. I heard a little noise, and Bojan was stealing her phone from her hand the whole time – says Sanja. – I told her, "I hear you can't talk, I'll talk to you later."

According to Sanja, although she knew that Bojan had been depressed and dissatisfied for a long time and was contemplating some things, she did not expect anything like this.

– He did a little work, he didn't, he kept saying he had no work. But he did not ask for help – explains Sanja.

St Nislagevik Family House in Beaman

Staff staff

While working as a saleswoman at Gorda's local store, Bojan only worked occasionally on the building.

– I don't know her best, because I often change her when she's not working. Gordana's partner from the store says that I have not heard that he had any problems with the marriage.

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