Sunday , August 7 2022

The police arrested 11 policemen. The budget budget of the Millions EVRA has crashed 15 complainants


The latest news standardPhoto: Blic / RAS Serbia

In the past three days, over 20 people were arrested by members of the home ministry with the tax police and the prosecutor's office. Thirteen people found guilty in criminal cases.

Serbia and Republican fund PIO and other legal institutions have been damaged in the budget since 2013. It's a million euros.

These activities were carried out in Nova Sad, Kakak, Jagdad, Panso, Serghenjain, Sajakar, Sremsam Mitrovikka, Verbas, Arandeljokak, Samareira and Porsevac.

Photo: MUP / Promo

Fraud, bribery, misuse of business personnel, fraud in business activity, documents of documents, illegal sales of excise goods, unauthorized interaction with certain activities, inspection of counterfeit content, fake documents of official documents and tax evasion.

Members of the Ministry of Interior, Anti Corruption Department, Nis Lai Public Public Prosecutor's Office, ordered by the Special Department to impose corruption. (1956), Sajikar, D. P. (1954), VV (1972), used for inspection. The office is misused, suspected of having committed a number of criminal offenses.

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