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The state of Peijaya: Darlo Lazić will soon be diagnosed with intensity, where is where it will be | Chronicle


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12 November 2018 12:45 |

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The singer Darco Lazic should be transferred from the intensive care unit to the Kbc Semen apartment

The singer Dorno Lazic should be transferred from the Ultrasonic Unit to KPC semen for an extraordinary day.

Telegraph says that if all goes well and his health improves, Lazy is still working in the same hospital, but he is not in a shock room.

The singer's double surgery was performed on Wednesday at the KBBC semen. He first made a phony bone operation and then added an artificial hip.

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If the misunderstanding of "news" was found, the Institute "Benjica" Lazy was assigned. Their arrival agreed to the intervention. The doctors said the singer would be as fast as possible.

Fokker suffered serious injuries on October 23. Along with other injuries, the breast of the right thigh broke. The right thigh bent his leg.

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