Friday , September 24 2021

There are more than 5,000 citizens in the area with diabetes. Organized by Bazaar of Health

Many amphibians and residents of the towns used the opportunity to check their health. Internal experiments, blood pressure measurements, blood sugar levels, anthropotics, HB01C measurements, as well as dental procedures and consultative interviews.

Blood sugar measures the JPG

About 5,000 people are diabetic in the Wankak region and in their residential areas. Last year, 162 newborn babies were registered. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent complications and to achieve better results, and such activities are precisely organized with this objective.

"This response is satisfying, we have four types of glycemic control, these people have not yet been controlled and the sugar can not be measured, so we are referring to the doctor who has already chosen them, and further analyzes." Says Rhyn Dusanov. Health and nutrition for healthy patients DZ Vršac.

The World Diabetes Day celebrates the slogan of this year's "Diabetes Day Disease" to bring the attention of immunosuppressive action to people with diabetes.

"Diabetes can prevent some things – this is very important, normal physical activity, smoking, low cholesterol, good cholesterol HDL, LDL bad cholesterol and decreasing triglycerides." Doctor Explains Душанов.

On this occasion, locals found the possibility of developing high levels of diabetes or sugar content. So at home they can always check and monitor their condition.

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