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They crushed the state through sanitary facilities


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November 15, 2018 06:57 |

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From a unit warehouse, a value of 190,000 Euros

16,000 toilet toilets, washbuses, baths, cups, souvenirs, bidets, toiletries and accessories worth 190,000 dollars were pulled out of the NIS customs voyage.

This is a mistake that does not pay more than 9 lakh diners to Serbia, according to customs officials. This claims to be the fourth theft from customs wallets over the last ten days.

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While it is clear that the goods are kept in the "custom consumer warehouse", it does not carry customs service or the customs officers do not give it money. Until the completion of the cargo process, they are responsible for their random and unusual controls.

– This is the fourth warehouse in the last ten days. They said the unusual customs control was detected, and the owners of four controversial partners were part of the city and that the lost belongings were the same as those from Nissan.

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