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This is the first device to run on the new Huvge operating operating system

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After Hawaii introduced HarmonyOS, its operating operating system, the first device to operate it – Honor Vision Smart TV – introduced.

This is Honor's first smart screen device to feature three of its own production Huawei intelligent chipsets, such as the Honghui 818 intelligent display chipset, NPU AI camera chipset, and the highest quality Wi-Fi chipset.

The HongHu 818 chipset comes equipped with seven advanced imaging technologies, including motion detection and compensation (MEMC), HDR technology (HDR), super resolution (SR), noise reduction (NR), dynamic contrast enhancement (DCI), automatic control colors (ACM). And local dimming technology (G (LD)), the Honghu 818 chipset enhances and optimizes image resolution, contrast and colors using various reliance. The core processor can control the load of processing large screen images and executing multiple processes and tasks simultaneously.MEMC Technology also enables it to display high resolution images, superior audio demo quality and long distance interagency interaction.

Honor TVPhoto: Promo
Honor TV

Another innovation is the smart pop-up AI camera maro, equipped with the HiSilicon Hi 3516 DV300SPH chipset, providing AI capabilities such as face recognition, traction tracking and body posture detection. The Camera offers Mara's design, smart and safe user experience, turns the TV down 10 degrees when mounted on a wall, and also automatically "hides" behind the screen when not active.

Honor Vision is also equipped with Wi-Fi chipset – HiSilicon Hi 11103. Being the world's first 160 MHz chipset with speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, it is 1.7 times faster than the industry average, providing more stable and higher quality video playback, especially when it comes to 4K HD videos. General Chat Chat Lounge

Besides having the Honor Vision Classic TV as well as the Home Entertainment Center as well as the Information Sharing Center, it can transfer 600m photos from your smartphone to your smartphone via the Huawei Share app in just 20 seconds. Also, thanks to the Honor Magic-Links feature, it is possible for a user to browse programs, make settings using a phone or tablet …

Otherwise, the TV comes in two versions, with a 55-inch 4K HDR screen. Thanks to the full-view design, which has almost no edge on its three sides, users can enjoy the content displayed on the screen, covering a percentage of the front surface. This smart TV has a full metal 6.9mm thick frame, as well as a TV that is comfortable to watch without eye strain. Rainland mode. The standard version of ON Near Vision TV comes with 2GB + 16GB configuration, while the PRO version is available with 2GB + 32GB configuration.

According to Mr. Richard Juna, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Huawei's innovative operating operating system, HarmonyOS, supports user views across multiple devices and platforms to provide a consistent, high-security experience for users.

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