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Three characteristics of folk naval diagnosis: One day you will avoid the flow of cold and you will have all the ingredients in your home! (RECEPT) | Funny


It is important to maintain immunity at high levels in order to successfully meet the common cold and pig. Keep in mind that supplementing the supplements (nutritional supplements) is the last drink in the immune system offering immunity.

You do not need a miracle, but there are a lot of foods to drink two cups of cold drinks.

Photo: Prof.

– Ginger root

– 4 cloves

– A half cinnamon

– The whole lime

– honey

– 4 Dilileaters of water

Add the ginger peel and then add the cloves and garlic in cold water. Boil the drink 10 minutes aroma. Remove from the ringers, cover and let stand for another 20 minutes. Pour the procedure, cups and add some sweetened, if necessary, add some lemon. Do not drink and bathe, heat or cool completely.

Photo: Prof., Photo: Prof.

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