Friday , March 31 2023

Today in the radio: Cuba's new vaccine is treated with cancer


"La Badrera" researcher at the International Health Center in Humanae Anabeli Estez Garcia Dr. Ananoi Estevi Garcia, Dr. Spinika Night Guests, Reno Sesepes, Children Ommologist and Pediatrics Head of the Institute of Oncology and Radio Biology. We are talking about the famous Cuban vaccines for cancer patients.

Asked by the onamologists how far their poor countries are going for research of the most dangerous drugs.

We find out the results of long lasting drugs of pancreas, cholines, prostate and skin.

Dr. Secessus for Sketnick has conducted a revolutionary detection in the treatment of children related to cancer.

We talk about cooperation with experts from the United States and how to end societal relationships and to discuss cooperation with the Serbian doctors and discussions.

The broadcast is edited and led by Senga Milos.

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