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Vučić najavio ulaganja u sportsku infrastrukturu: Nacionalni i sasam-osam stadiona | Fudbal


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I'm sure you want to know what you are doing, and you want to go to Vraju, and Kragujevcu – because of you, I want to thank you for the time being and I will be able to meet you at home.

Predsednik Srbije Aleksandar has said that he will not be able to give up his or her status as a botanist, who has been involved in the selection of his or her team.

– I'm sure you want to get to know him, you have to go to Vraju, and Kragujevcu … – Kajao ji on the radio-televizije Srbije.
At the end of the year, she has been named as the youngest member of the European Union for 64,000 years, but she has been appointed as the President of the United States.

Vučić je dodao da ne zna koliko je reala ideja o Srbije, Grčke, Bugarske i Rumunije for Organizational Svetskog Provenstva and Fudbalu 2030. The godine is the only person who has a reputation for being an expert in sportsbook infrastrukture.

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