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Yesterday, ON was thrown from the cooperative! Besnana announced a lawsuit! (Photo)



Date and time:
06/30/2016. 07:16

He decided.


Dorote, Photo: Screenshots Youtube

Another resignation was held in the counterparty yesterday.

In such a match, Brendon and Dorottea were Javonovic. Brende Crowd and Dorotte voted for the audience.

Augusten said, "It was a very strong opinion, who can be it, the result is 60 to 40 percent."

Remember, do not know that it happens! Popular star star Truda! (Video)

– With 31 percent of the vote now, Zedrow leaves Dorote – told Ogjen.


Brendon, Photo: Screenshot Youtube

Colleagues kissed with him and joined with glue. When Dorota reached the studio, the real shock. For example, this was a shock for Jovonovik's rivals.

They do not know what it is! Zorichka Markovich made an outrage for the perfect trip! He threw the table, struck his head against the wall, and made quite some sudo! (Video)

Brendan is someone who will give you a little, and then will ask for a lot to look back. It is quite proprietary. He is speaking a lot about me, he does not know me and does not know anything about me and I will make a claim for it, "said Dorotte.

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