Monday , June 5 2023

14 people were arrested


SINGAPORE: Twelve women and two men aged between 20 and 51 have been arrested by the Vice, Drugs and Public Works Departments for two days. The incident happened on November 10.

The police have been impounded from Friday to Saturday from Kidhen Road, Jalan Bazar, Rangoon Road, Petine Road and Sam Leung Road.

12 women working under the Women Charter, Immigration Act and Foreign Manufacturers Act were arrested from the Central police division.

Of these three women were vice president and private apartments. Four other women were arrested in two Alleged massage institutions.

These women believe that sex services have been advertised online.

Five women were arrested on a Sam Lee Road on a public flotation shop. Licensing confiscation is attached according to the Public Entry Act.

Vice Activities November 11 - 2

1,210 and 14 computers were seized. (Photo: Singapore Police Force)


Two men were arrested for gambling at a public gambat through Pethine Road. 1,210 and 14 computers were seized.

Police are under investigation.

The owner / owner is guilty of guilty, $ 50,000 fine and up to three years of imprisonment for use as a common gaming housing.

A person grabbing a game in a gaming gearing has to make a maximum mistake of $ 5,000 or a maximum of six months in jail.

Make sure that tenants and hotel owners do not perform vice versa in their environment.

A man who is completely living in the proceeds of another person's prostitution will be sentenced to five years imprisonment and $ 10,000 fine.

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