Friday , August 19 2022

17 countries will bring the satellite's satellite into Fiberglass 9 in the orbit of the Sun.


Falcon 9

64 smaller satellites will be launched.

In November 19 November, Vandenberg Air Force would build a Falcon 9 rocket from space. Solar orbit to bring 64 small satellites from 34 different countries from 17 countries. This is the Naked Child's Report, and reports using UK Refimpo references.

Start organizer – spaceflight industries.

In addition to commercial components, the missions are designed for scientific purposes. These objective targets are to bring many experimental tools made by different universities.

SSA-A: SMALSAT Express Interest General Public Original Mission Mainly, for those who intend to use it in the first phase of B1046.3, it is already visited in two orbit sizes.

The Biggest Consumer – Company Planet: Its Equipments will monitor the Earth's surface. Hakai 360, Capello, Astrocasts and many others.

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