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& # 39; 19 changes – formula 1


Simple back and backwards controls will be presented in 2019. Target operations aim to improve turbulent activity by reducing topical combinations in turbulent activity and simultaneously reducing the difficulty of reaching another car.

The FIA ​​believes that changes from dirty mouths are less than one-third and F1 sporting boss is less than the Rose Braun.

The target of changes, including complex brake systems and barcards, will improve the racing, and the team will survive with aerodynamic performance to warm up the winter.

Williams' performance chief Rob Sadley will make a significant contribution to the redevelopment of the aerodynamic performance and will benefit from the long run.

"[FIA’s single-seater head] Nicholas Tambassi summarized well and you never go to a Formula 1 car and it's an aerodynamic formula like a touring car.

"This will not happen, physics will not allow that.

"So, you should agree that you have to follow cars – especially the cars of this generation and the size of the downflows they produce.

"It gets better, it goes to the right direction and we go to the solution to get us back in about six months."

Senior fellow Ferrari Engineer Jo Cleer says that patience must be found on the results of the administration.

He believed that "F1" was attacking the right territories.

"Of course, 10 teams will include 10 solutions, some of which we have never thought of, and that's where the golf boards will move slightly," the clinic said.

"Bicycle racing means not everyone can easily overcome it, but it means that cars can be pressured when they both exchange."

Rene's Chassis Technical Director Nick Chester said that the FIA ​​is trying to target "the right thing".

In 2021, he said, "Great rules have been completed.

"By 2021, you can not make all the changes within a year," Chester said.

"I think this creates a little difference, and it goes to the right direction, so the following will be slightly better.

"But until 2021, we will have to wait until the entire package can be delivered."

Changes to the Early & # 39; 19 Development Race Theater

The Ultra Complex Front Wings, combined with designs in the F1's period of barbecues, will now have the opportunity to go on different tracks.

It will be a decent development radio in the beginning of 2019 in the next few months.

Chester said. "This is a question we will have to take a hit with the new rules and get it faster."

An earlier report in front of the Grand Prix in Brazil indicated a new law that lost an Aero performance.

It is clear that the teams will be difficult if they steal a market.

"Maybe we all take one step further, and we will gradually return," he said.

"We will do our best, we will develop our best, but if someone has done better, we do not know."

While the start of the season will cause the vehicle to be quite different, expecting that the ideas will be faster or thereafter.

Smedley said: "It will be very interesting at the start of the season to come out with different ideas.

"Accepting good ideas and combining them in a formal formula 1 will have a faster interaction than usual.

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