Friday , March 31 2023

5 Very little known museums in Singapore


We know you do not even know a few of these things.

The museum is a good place for learning new things. When you first travel to a country, there are some great places to visit. They can also see the attractive side of the country where they can not really know it. We will see in the imagination of old, serious, sometimes boring museums. This is sometimes not some museums. There are definitely five museums in Singapore. Have a boutique for you to enjoy toys, antiques and more!

1. Vintage Kemas Museum

You have arrived in photography shows or on displays on cameras. Looking for a museum dedicated to Vintage Cameras? Thousands of old school cameras can be displayed, some of which can be checked directly by visitors, and any visitor who wants to take a photo outside the camera is also required to visit the museum. You will not miss it – this is a very large camera-shaped gateway for photographs.

No. 8C, 8D Drainage, Singapore 199263

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