Monday , May 16 2022

About 10,000 people in broadband disrupted using broad fiber cables


The NetLink Trust Wednesday announced that thousands of users have blocked broadband services in the eastern part of the country.

The obstruction occurred at 2.50pm.

"This barrier was later confirmed by a third company contractor who threw the Hamburg cables and made construction work in Thambens Avenue 9," said NetLink Trust.

The service interrupts the passenger rice, dammans, xing and lowanges.

The NetLink Trust reported that rehabilitation works are underway. The service will resume on Thursday evening.

StarHeb, Singel, M1 and My Real Public Services have all been affected.

Some of the customers in Thambils and Passenger Rice have posted on Facebook, "said Starhab.

"We got confirmation that their engineers tried to repair broken fiber cables from the Natalinck Trust.

M1 said "Fiber Cable Cut" areas around the Tambain, that Its subscribers may have trouble accessing fiber and fixed voice services.

Singapore Fiber Broadband, Fixed Voice and Single TVTummins and Passenger Riz.

This is due to a fiber cable failure by Tampines, a third-party contractor. Apart from that, our engineers are working with NetLink Trust engineers.

Singapore's Wi-Fi hotspot service was completely restored and later released at 6.46 pm.

This is followed by a blockage of 2.30. Complaint is on Twitter.

"The NetLink Trust will be restored to all service providers, including internet service providers," said Fiber Network Operator.

The victims can monitor the website for updates.

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