Saturday , April 1 2023

Belgium's crash: Harris Sfrawov wins soccer football – UEFA Football


Switzerland has earned a hat trick for Switzerland to reach the semi-finals of Switzerland's UEFA Cup semi-finals.

In the quarter-finals, a Thorgan double dropped double, and again in the first half of the match, he took a brake in the 18th minute.

The T Hazard opened after two minutes. After 15 minutes, Beljad scored twice in two goals. Toll trick, which scored better goals than Belgium.

But the Swiss began the fight. The replacement of Riccardo Rodriguez blocked mistakes. Harris Sefrouvik was hit by his own break.

Two of the group's best goals were won by the hosts. They made the place in the last four games. The Belgian opener Nicolò Elwedi again reached the semi-finals. There is no doubt in another cracking headquarter in dying stages.

The Belgian goalkeeper Voldemir Petkovik team will be targeted and England and Portugal will reach the next semi-finals. Belgium is upsetting.

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