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Celebration of Quiet Beauty of Kyoto Animation


When I woke up the next morning Kyoto Animation Fire, The news was already too terrible to understand. I think I might be lucky in this regardI think, with the hope of being excellent first, and then gradually learning about the overwhelming scale of this tragedy, it might have been worse to read as the news was published. Such as the studio behind anime treasures The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia, That's on!, Huka, Sound! Euphonium, Naughty ou, A silent voice… a studio known for many things, from the incredible beauty and emotional richness of their masterpieces to their unique collaborative and admiring studio culture. A studio full of young, brilliant creators and dedicated to further training, where artists enjoy full pay and the voices of women are celebrated, and whose work demonstrates a unique sensitivity and respect for small miracles that make anime such a special and dynamic medium. General Chat Chat Lounge

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In the morning after the Kyoto animation caught fire, the damage was pretty good for me to hold or check. In many ways, Kyoto animation is essentially a synonym of my hope and optimism regarding anime as an art form, and it was hard to hope for anything more after learning about that horrible crime. I can't begin to capture all the myriad things that make Kyoto animation so special, either explicitly or explicitly; His work is very rich to him, very beneficial for anyone to fully appreciate it. All I can tell you is what Kyoto Animation means to me.

The first time I produced Kyoto animation as a teenager was at an all-day animation festival organized by the local theater. That day, however, has served as my introduction to such impressive productions Newsica And Mind game, It was an odd, animated version of an incredible student filmmaking that stuck in my mind the most. The first broadcast episode of Haruhi Suzumia There is an exercise in the confidence of the producer, and also a delightful love letter to the cinema gurus, as we are introduced to the show's main cast through a ramshackle student film they made for their school's class festival.

I don't think this is a coincidence that Kyoto animation often facilitates amateur filmmaking in the universe; The studio seems genuine, deeply influenced by the power of cinema, and forever feels sympathetic to ordinary people's struggle to create great, lasting art. Haruhi SuzumiaStudent filmmaking is easily realized as Kyoto embodies the power of animationOnly artists with a brilliant understanding of effective filmmaking can create something captivating, confidently amateur.

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The next time I encountered Kyoto Animation was just after college ledge, when I regained my interest in anime by magnificent. HukaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Chat about Huka On a weekly basis it really helped me stay in touch with absent friends, as the show once again expanded my perception of what anime can achieve.

I knew that anime can enhance great storiesI first fell in love with the medium through the apocalyptic theater Neon Genesis Evangelion, And then enjoyed a lot of bombastic fantasy shows. But I have no idea how much gravity and nuisance animation can bring to this Small Stories, complex human dramas that really compose the substance of everyday life. Huka A gorgeous, sensitive and deeply rooted personal product, each new episode captures moments of time so perfectly that it was almost impossible for humans to actually create it. As a viewer, it made me feel noticed and accepted; As an artist, he has decided to keep fighting me, and maybe one day do beautiful things like this.

The third time I ran in Kyoto Animation, I was doing my best to follow that pledge, and was working unsatisfactory days as a proof reader at a local publishing company. Taking a lonely train home from a job where I would never really fit in, one of my biggest sources of weekly comfort was thinking about the next episode of Stupid, Hearty ChunibioGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The desire to express my appreciation for that show was the motivation that pushed me to write about anime in the for-offline forum, a hobby that will eventually blossom into my current work of professional criticism. The tyrannical romantic comedy about the tyrant's eye and the Dark Flame Master literally changed the course of my life.

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Since then, Kyoto Animation productions have been a constant source of comfort for me. Like stories Sound! Euphonium And A silent voice Beautiful in their own right, and also a reminder that some people in the world care about the same quiet emotions and beautiful, fleeting moments that I do. In fact, some people have such respect for those little pieces of beauty that they have dedicated their lives to them.To acknowledge how our most personal emotions are valid and admirable, and how the glory and the small pleasures of everyday life can be embodied in an epic like human drama, triumph and sorrow. Like stories Liz and the Blue Bird Speak very thoughtful and vocal gentle parts, observe their uncompromising and complex heroes with great sympathy, and celebrate the moments of joy and comfort that give meaning to our lives.

All the works of the Kyoto animation are enjoyed by such magical and poignant observed moments, cheerful sighs and missing glasses and a thousand carefree days and fuzzy evenings. His artists are constantly gaining warmth and glory in the physical, their works insist that all our lives are worthy of celebration. The empathy and closeness of his perspective is an unbelievable comfort to me, both as a person so deeply involved with his introspective protagonist, and as a lover of quiet, delicate cinema. His style of work is carried through a clear, keen perspective, and he has great empathy for everyday life and the people who live them.

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I cannot fully thank the people for Kyoto Animation for what they have done to me, or my pain in the attack is committed to those whose own business practices erode the sympathy and thoughtfulness of their productions. I love their work, and I care for these people very much, and work very hard, and am very generous in their move, inspiring art. Of artistic expression. For the sake of being a forte, and using that attitude to insist that there is beauty in our lives and a song is appropriate. For the girl Haruhi who was deeply disappointed with the absence of magic in this world, Kyoto Animation has created a catalog that celebrates all the hidden magic of everyday life. Getting rid of lazy days with friends, the quiet pride of practicing for competition, the weakness of expressing how much you care; Kyoto Animation celebrates all this and more, embodying all the great qualities of this magnificent art form.

I wish the staff and families of Kyoto Animation would be the best at tackling this terrible tragedy, and just to say once again how important their stories are to me, and how much they have brightened my own life. Kyoto Animation, thanks for everything.

If you would like to support Kyoto Animation in the aftermath of this disaster, please consider contributing A direct donation to RightsTuf, Which makes it easy to contribute to whatever standard you like. Please take care of yourself, and I hope you continue to celebrate the wonderful creations of Kyoto animation for many years to come.

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