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Climate change represents the major challenges, but there are more opportunities: Tea Saw Chair Hen, Environment News & Top Stories


Singapore – Climate change is not just challenges but opportunities, and National Security Manager for National Security Safety Teo Che Hai (November 19) said.

"One of the biggest global challenges of our time is climate change," he said. He said the need for a global solution for working together with the government, private sector, civic community and private citizens.

But climate change is only challenges and restrictions, he said. It provides inspiration for entrepreneurship, research and development, and creative problem solving.

Singapore, especially the green new hubby, uses the opportunities of new vegetables.

In partnership with industry partners, water, energy, landlords, management, new residency, new businesses and financial opportunities will be provided.

Singapore already has 20 countries with the world's most carbon footprint. Republican carbon efficiency will be increased. DPM Teo said.

This promotes public transportation, producing less energy, producing next generation of greenhouses and using more carbon-fueled fossil fuels for energy production.

For instance, every tonne of waste perished, indicating that the country's average 440 kg watts (kwh) were operating waste plants. It produces 1.2 Terra-Housewife (TWh) per annum, while Singapore's power consumption is between 2% and 3%.

DPM is the first chapter that was published by the Global Compact Network at the Singapore Summit held at Carbon Practicing Leadership Collision, CPLL Singapore, Sintek Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Global Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) aims to encourage the private sector to cooperate with domestic carbon pricing as a mechanism for reducing emissions in addition to the upcoming carbon copy of the World Bank Group's Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), CPLC SingleSingle, Singapore. Tax in 2019

The 2015 UN Climate Change Conference commenced in the Conference Conference Conference Conference. The CPLC's governments, industries and organizations will be able to develop policies based on carbon pricing policies, create job opportunities, promote innovation, and reduce emissions.

GCNS has played an important role in promoting corporate sector to make stability a key component of their business strategies.

He added that GCNS is working with the Leadship Commission, which bans the global banking carbon for Singapore's chapter.

"I encourage you to join more companies and share the best experience for sustainability on this platform."

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) spokesman said: "CCLC Singapore's comprehensive timely contemporaneous reduction in carbon emissions is an urgent measure for everyone, including industries, to initiate climate change.

"The CPLC will help understand more businesses for carbon price determination, how they will participate in the decision making and investment decisions of their investments. So the business will become more competitive and contribute to a more sustainable future for all."

The senior director for global climate change John Roem said: "By implementing carbon tax, the Singapore government is leading the ASEAN sector in carbon pricing.

CBCs supporting Singaporean Systems, Knowledge Sharing, Carbon Pricing, Private Sector and Cooperation at Government Departments will help promote sustainable investment and reduce emissions.

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