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CPF answers his father's request to use funds to pay for his daughter's school fees, Singapore News


Singapore – The Central Provident Fund (CPF) board responded to a Facebook post put on Friday (June 28) by the father, who said that she was refused to use her CFF fund for her daughter's education.

In his post on Wednesday, Lim Koh Leung reiterated his experience when he spoke to the staff members of the CPF board that day.

Mr Lim said that despite his daughter's fees being more than the required amount in his account, he was not allowed to use part of the fund because his salary did not reach the lowest deposit threshold.

"Now in my CPF there are 70,000+, only 15,000 are needed to pay for my daughter's school fees," he wrote.

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Mr Lim said that he was 60 years old and did not have a stable job.

When he asked that there is any other way that he would be allowed to use his rigid earning money, he said that the CPF staff told him that he could apply but his chance of withdrawing the money would be "zero".

He said that "he felt reproached, insulted, angry"

"Do I really need to take money and loan when I get my money in my CPF? Should I force my daughter's education to stop?"

Mr Lim's post received 3,000 shares and 1,400 comments, in which Netizens provided financial advice and support for his situation. He also sent his message to China.

On Friday, the CPF Board responded to this post, and said, "It is not right to allow Mr Lim to use his CPF for the education of his daughter, because there is not enough CFF savings to fund his retirement."

CPF The board added that Mr Lim has a better approach to finding other ways to educate his daughter.

"We have talked to them and are discussing alternate options. Nine academy of Fine Arts will also be in touch with them," according to its Facebook post.

Considering the conduct of his staff, the CPF Board said: "After reviewing our video recording, we are satisfied that our staff served Mrs. Lima calmly and professionally.

"Mr Leam explains that he was upset and apologized, which our staff accepted."

On Saturday, Mr Lim said that the issue of his daughter's tuition has been resolved with the help of her loved ones. He also thanked the people who supported him.

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