Sunday , March 26 2023

Due to wheel health concerns & # 39; KCon 2019 LA & # 39; Unable to perform with moms on


Unable to perform with Wheel in MammooCassion 2019 LA& # 39; Because of health concerns.

August 17, RBW Entertainment Public, "Mamamu members arrived at the airport to leave for LA on Friday. They were suddenly wheeled in while expressing a wheeze and were awaiting an investigation after they were checked for medical deterioration. She is currently being rushed to the hospital, where she will receive examination and rest. Get it. "

RBW added, "Whenever in L.A. there was a chute in the flight to keep up with the promise of fans, but we came to the conclusion that due to the long flight, it could have made things worse." The label further says that they will update fans and ask fans' explanations for their unexpected absence when they know more about Whee's status.

Stay tuned for updates on Wheel In

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