Monday , March 20 2023

Facebook will be paid to train local news reporter in the UK


LONDON: Facebook contributes 4.5 million pounds (5.8 million pounds) to train British journalists. Local media and newspapers will not be able to support social media giant online readers and readers to support lost communities.

Today, people want to know more about how people get their news, or want to do more to support local publishers. Company approved.

The 80 new Trainees will be appointed by the Facebook Foundation. Newsweek, JPIDIA, Reach, Arch, Midland News Association, a research released by the National Research Council for the Training of Journalists (NCCT).

The paper facing print publishers was released on Friday. Britain's Johnstead's journalism was submitted to the state. Its bonding owners agreed to buy due to its lack of value.

Platform's first two-year pilot of the world has not made any attempt to start making its own news content.

(US $ 1 = 0.7775 pounds)

(Reporting Paul Sandell; key editing editing)

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