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Fitness: If you want a new year to be new, slow down

If you decide to lose weight quickly, there is a possibility of changing your body in the long run.

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More predictive thing than freeze January is the weight of losing weight in January. But leaving some unwanted pounds before the bath-friendly season is an admirable goal, keep in mind that weight loss is not a complete science. It is very easy to put a foolproof plan to complete your first 5 or completion, to make continuous 20 pushups or to touch your toes, but there is no one to spare the extra tire.

Only 20 percent of the people are able to reduce their weight by 10 percent and keep it closed for at least one year – a figure that depicts an obscure picture for a person hoping to lose more weight.

If you think that what has happened to this idea that eating less and reducing weight is a great job, real life is a wonderful job to prove it wrong. To damage the body weight, it affects the body with adverse mechanisms that break the result. Metabolism loses about 15 calories per kilogram, so the faster you lose, the momentum is difficult to continue. To make things worse, your new lethargic metabolism comes around even after trying to lose weight, which makes it difficult to keep the pounds you lose.

And that's not everything. Getting rid of unwanted weight leads to hormonal changes that make food scent better. You will also experience increased hunger, which will last for a year after suspending efforts to reduce weight. So if you get your humble self-craving food, then blame your hormones, not lack of worthlessness.

The body goes out to reduce weight loss efforts, it is not surprising that dieting results 12 to 44 percent less results. This question asks: When is the answer to the answer when it comes to getting rid of unhealthy pounds?

We already know how to lose weight by exercising, most people sweat more than they can maintain. And when medicines decrease when weight loss occurs, mediates to mediate the number of calories. Bread-up exercises results in more hunger on a regular basis, as well as low calorie burned in non-exercise related activities.

Making this issue more complicated, studies do not clearly illustrate the effect of diet and exercise on weight loss, mostly because most depend on self-reported data. Most people are reporting calorie intakes, so they use the amount of calories burned and report, the results are not reliable.

So, if the weight loss efforts prevent the disease from beginning to start by the body, which interprets food and exercise as existing hazards, how would you lose it to lose pounds?

First, you need to look at the body's reaction from a glass-semi-complete perspective: you eventually know why weight loss is difficult, and your conflict is not related to the lack of futility, but natural physical response.

Once you accept that fact – and you'll experience a drive that consumes an extra 100 calories per kilogram – you're better prepared to eat more and manage your desire to move less. Also, you can stop the game of guilt taking more time than expected to achieve your weight-loss goal.

It is also important to note that there is no benefit to losing weight quickly, because it can result in a more clear set of short and long term returns, which in turn increases the likelihood of falling back pounds.

What is a slow and steady approach to work that involves changing lifestyle, which can be sustained. Changing your diet to include healthy choices and slightly smaller portions is more sustainable than following a trendy diet, which involves the change of food habits, or the neglect of certain types of food. You can also contact the dietitian, who can outline the food strategies designed to manage rocky weight-loss travel.

That goes for the same exercise. Great for adding purposeful exercises to your weekly everyday, but it is also necessary to add more movement to your day. Do not choose everyday resignations that are very distracting you that you are recovering the rest of the day. The key to long term weight loss is adopting a healthy lifestyle that you look forward to maintaining, there is no one you are responsible for.

Remember: When it comes to weight loss, you need to concentrate on travel, not only results.


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