Tuesday , March 9 2021

Football: Neymar penalty to cross Brazil over Uruguay

Neymar earned a penalty in the second half after winning 1-0 1-0 to Brazil's Uruguay. At London's Emirates Stadium, fans were happy on Friday.

Diego's Diego Luxury Diego led Uruguay in the 76th minute to break the Diego Luxembel.

In Brazil, there were more attacks in both directions. Alienson has gone astray. Luis Suarez won the free kick in the second half.

Brazil's fifth successive win over Belgium in the quarterfinals of the tournament this year.

Brazil's midfielder Wallace said: "It was a hard competition, Uruguay is always strong and very competitive." We were patient and had the right opportunity from Penal Opportunity. "

At night the dark rains in Arsenal's ground in London glow at some glittering moments.

Many players came to know each other well from club football, and played with jokes and jokes pretending to their experience, playing and playing.

In an encounter involving eight yellow cards, however, the Uruguay box was put in a ferocious struggle with a clash between Luis Suarez, who was supposed to have handed a handball against Uruguay before.

Uruguay and Naples Midfielder Allen began defending Bruno Mendes and Matthias Suarer as the first batsman to debut in Brazil.

The European teams of South South Africa will continue on Tuesday. Cameroon plays in Brazil, Milton Keynes and Uruguay.

(Andrew Downey wrote, editing of Ken Ferris)

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