Thursday , July 29 2021

Good people get involved not only in sin, but also nationally, to join politics: ESM Goh, politics news and top stories

SINGAPORE – It's becoming more difficult to convince people who are honest, dedicated, and able to engage in politics and serve Singapore, "said Goh Chok Tong, senior emeritus minister.

In a speech at the Marine Parade constituency dinner on National Day celebrations on Saturday (August 17th), Mr. Goh emphasized that the difficulty of moving good people forward is not just for the People's Action Party (PPP) but for the national one.

He warned that it would have serious consequences if the PAP, or the opposition, could not attract such people.

"If the government runs by people who lack integrity, dedication and competence, the sun will surely go to Singapore."

Mr Goh, who was the Prime Minister from 1990 to 2004, was talking to about 950 people gathered at the Roland Rest Restaurant Rattan for dinner. Other Marine Parade MPs, including parliament president Tan Chuan-jin, were also present.

In his speech, Mr Wahoo called back the current Deputy Prime Minister, Hang Swee Keat, to ask him to join politics while Mr Hang was the Managing Director of the Financial Authority of Singapore (MAS). Mr. Goh was MAS chairman at the time.

"Sweet Kit said no. I went to him again, he said no."

Mr Gong said that when Mr Goh told him that he had to do the work, he accepted it as a "duty call", Mr Goh said.

Singaporeans want a future that is safe and stable, caring and compassionate, just and fair, said Mr Goh.

To make this a reality, we need to have an innovative economy that is competitive, entrepreneurial, who is not afraid of problems, and has a strong and good government.

To achieve these powers, the nation must find good and dedicated leaders – the task of increasing the difficulty.

"Managing is a very energetic and complimentary work," Mr. Goh said.

"Many capable people who have been approached are unwilling to give up their stable and successful careers for an uncertain and unjust political future." Another factor was the loss of privacy for them and their families due to social media.

While the existing 4G team is honest, dedicated and capable, it will grow stronger with more people in the private sector, he said.

"We need a well-rounded cabinet with diverse skills, knowledge and experiences. We also need young people to join them to form the core of the 5G team."

In a previous remarks given at Mandarin at dinner time, Mr Goh said that the 4G team, led by Mr Hang, was competent and was working well together.

"I am sure they will tell us their vision for Singapore in the upcoming general election and will lead to SG100."

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