Monday , March 1 2021

Google Project ends with the construction of blood tests contact lenses

GWhen technology challenges are very difficult, the plug plug in a project has been withdrawn to generate contact lenses that identify the sugar levels in the blood of the eye.

The health department of Techheim said that hundreds of diabetic patients are in contact with a contact lens that is easily monitored by blood sugar levels.

Many people with diabetes need regular blood checking to monitor their blood sugar levels. This process of smart contact lens was easily monitored.

But the project, launched in 2014, has given unexpected technical challenges. Observation of blood levels of blood is not accurate.

Brian Otis, chief technical officer at Verilfy, said: "Our clinical work on glucose sensing lenses proves that our measurements do not support the need for a medical device in the relationship between glass glucose and blood vessels."

This project has been successful in lab tests, but the real world reading of the molecules of the eye masks was more complex.

Other projects for smart condoms said this project has been proven. Lenses may be used to transfer and use lenses. For sterile lenses, the strict surgical procedures can be performed.

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