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Gryndalwald Crimes: Would you like to read a script for fans of JK Rowling? | Books

I amThursday night at 11 o'clock in London's watercolor picnic, going into the leg tube. One hour before the latest JK roundling adventure, Fantasy Bees: The Grimes of Gryndwalwald, UK was released in theaters and theaters. At the same time, Rowling's script is a handsome. Perhaps the author could not publish their junt in the screenshot. Rowling is everything: but a writer will give importance to midnight uniform in school uniforms, and they will return to classics – a man who drinks Voldemogios.

More than 20 years after the first publication of the first book, there is still a lot of literature in Harry Potter's poems, or a trade flood: bags, chess sets, pajamas, lego, drugs and soft toys. Even the scripts published in books, with strange efforts, attracted a fantastic (421,000 copies from anywhere in the fantasy bisis wherever you find in the UK), fan thrill and marketing pizzazz. The Grindalwald crime is carried out in preparation for sales bookbuses in the country. The waterstones that hold more than 240 events in three days – some fanatics feel more full of novel novels.

As a material object, the crimes of Grindwalwald's are uncomfortable and lovely. But literature? I can make fun of you, but I'm not sure about publishing scripts. After watching the movie, it's hard to expect readers to think of running a 12-round gunny trail. Some buyers do not read this: "For me, it's a thing for a player," says Emily. 28. "I do not know whether people really read this if they were there, and I'd like to have other books and like the world."

"Literature takes up many forms," ​​said Dr Harry Potter and the Age of Elimination Module, Durham University. Says Martin Richardson. "Of course, I would like to write them in the form of a novel, and on the other hand, cinema scripts are good! I would definitely like to choose a movie and a novel in a perfect world.

Nass, 23, is a fan of the format regardless of format. "I'm a poem, I think the scripts are fun by mocking the person," she says. "I was very surprised prakhyapikkappetumpeal a film of Fantastic bisrrukal. JK Rowling may have all the things, I vicariccittilla innaneyayirikkumenn. But I love it. Amazing on the life of a movie or a book vealdmearttinre. Tayyarakamenkilum I have nothing to declare, she is istap Etunnu. "

Midnight launches are not a place for Cincinnati, but when the real Patrice generation is in full force, it is not so rigid, brave and twenty grandchildren. A Tumperian villain (Johnny Depp's "Gryndalwald" slogan is the slogan of "more good" and the rally referred to the Holocaust) (he will mean to prevent the upcoming World War II), Grindallud's crimes are more and more Lakshadweep than a fall or a gambler Beyond this, younger and younger Niflas (a clapphonic idioca) can be more relaxed.

This will prevent any of the children from enthusiasm. Anees is at 9 years of age. "I love scripts," she says. "I'm not reading them differently and I read them, but I can read them from one perspective, Hogwarts."

Critical reception of the film is a bit silent, some slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly hurt. Since the completion of Potter books, the writer has been writing new back stories and new details; In 2012, PotteryMore was founded to publish advanced magic world history. But there is some willingness to change it again: Grindalwald's crimes appear to be unrecognizable characters, but the secret characters and identities are like a shorthand attempt to give new characters a more emotional burden.

"The last part of the series was rallanging because of the attention of Rowling, the stories were completed," said the children's literary critic Imozen Russell Williams. "Haripeattarinum kurband Child playing it just as much, and we feel very excited cinticcatupeale. However, ultimately, a antimadinam, when the solutions are limited. However, prior to the loss of your universe-elastic nickel, a W experimentation and the extent to mid- fell into the shadow of Your Audience Idhiyunt, rolling your audience is, it's trusted termination, the truth is the truth. "

At least three script writings – Rowling has been designed for five bouston franchise – these niggling details may be further elaborated. "There are some contradictions," says Richardson. "But for me it is not important, it helps me to explain the communication of Potter fans, and I do not look at the contradictions and disorders – it is not a holy writer."

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