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Here are the best gift ideas for iPhone & iPad owners

Looking for the best gift for iPhone or iPad owner in your shopping list? A short description of the top gift ideas we recommend we like with all the options from the hardware and the options you love very much.

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Apple watch bands

Apple watch series 4

If you know the owner of an iPhone with an Apple watch, this is an easy gift that does not violate the bank. Apple has a wide range of things, some of our favorites include Nike Sports Band and Sport loop. These two come in different colors and size, 49 dollars per dollar.

Apple sometimes charges extra for its bands – we can spend 539 dollars on Hermès goods – we strongly want to suggest third party manufacturers like nomed, southern strobe, monovar, or clockwork psychology. If in doubt, go with leather or Nato style bands.

Life proof free

Life proof free

Most people have some cases of their iPhone, but this is usually a cheaper one when a phone is being surrounded by a glass. The end of the mind helps to reduce the free-iPhone XS version ($ 89.99, $ 48.15), and up to 2 meters (approximately 6.5 feet), an hour's depth. An built-screen screen protector prevents scraps.

The new iPhone exchanges of the iPhone are now available for the latest iPhone release.

Apple pencil

Any iPad Pro (or 2018 iPad) owners may already have an Apple pencil on your iPad. If not, they might be the same. It's not strictly necessary, but it's easy to get tips, drawings, photo editing, and other counters in regular counters.

Apple pencil 2

Notice that pencil has two versions to avoid confusion. The second generation variant is priced at $ 129. The 2018 will only work with the iPad Pro. Adds magnetism for wireless charging. There is also a side tap command that allows you to switch between application tools.

The first generation genitals (for sale at $ 99.94, $ 94.88) are available for lighting charges, not on magnetic fields or sides. This year, along with the previous iPad Pro, is the only one that can be used this year's "budget" iPad.

2018 iPad

If that iPad still stops the Apple 2 net, it may take some time to help.

2018 iPad

Apple's rest is 9.7 inch 32 GB for 32 GB WiFi model. Even though the iPad Pro is stronger, your interests are mainly on online reading, music and video.

If you want to enter gaming or spectacular productivity, we recommend that you currently sell $ 399 ($ ​​30 off) for 128 million models. Apps and project files can use plenty of places.



Normally, Apple's Siri-controlled Smart Speaker B & H has been cut to $ 249.99. You need to use Apple Music and HomeKit enabled smootom accessories, but if you do not, you can use Airplane to provide music and podcasts, and weather, traffic, and news.

Amazon echo dot (third generation)

This is much better for musicians than people who want to make smart controls for smooth controls.

Amazon echo dot

This is just $ 49.99 and if your accessories are supported by the hacker, they are definitely supported. The homepad does not get the original Alexandropotte dot – native spotlight support – and if you need more powerful audio, it will connect you to the existing speaker using Bluetooth or 3.5mm.



A smart thermostat may not be like a sexting prize, but you will feel different when you install it. You can control ecobee4 ($ 199) through iPhone, iPad application, Alex, homekit, and Google assistant. It has a separate room sensor for an in-built speaker and interior designer. Most importantly, you can save money for a long time through efficient heating and cooling algorithms.

Spotify or Apple Music Gift Card

Apple Music Gift Cards

It goes down to your personal preference. Apple's music is incorporated into Siri and iTunes, although Spotify builds with improved application interfaces, wide range of hardware and software support. Promise imagery in the way of personalized playlists, and if your music tastes require a new supply it may be an employee.

Apple TV 4K

If your TV already has decent apps, you can get a 32-gigabytes of Apple TV. 4K ($ 179) provides more Siri controls with an interface on speed and style, for example the length of time you want to search, or title, and headlines across multiple services, or to refrain and rewind.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K became a target for a home hub and airplane 2 casting, and the relationship to some of the strange options of Apple is known as a remote and sophisticated screen keyboard.


Texture is an Apple proprietary digital magazine service that gives users unlimited access to over $ 9.99 a month and over 200 magazines. These are mainly the mainstream magazines Esquire, The belly, Sports Illustrated, And The AtlanticBut you can see magic options like this Exercise and pregnancy Or Yoga Journal.


Since you have portability, apps for iOS and Android will be available and are already available.

Anchor six-feet premium nylon lightning cables

Anker Lightning cables

Everyone needs more lightening cables at any time, and I have found that six feet foot nylon options are excellent. They are very hard, they are reliable, they're not easy to mess up. Amazon will receive two packages at $ 23.99 – less than a cable equivalent to apple charges.

Nomad Base Station + Apple Watch

Nomad Base Station + Apple Watch

As Apple's Air Power does not have a math functionality, it is the third party to create multi-device wireless dockies. Base Station + Apple Watch ($ 119.95) is designed to charge you an iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously. Using a wireless charging adapter, you can charge a third charge such as AirPods.

Air Port Express

Air Port Express

You can not buy a new one from Apple. However, if you find one online, AirPort Express is a relatively cheap way to fit into the AirPlay 2 compatible speakers. Be careful with the price – do not spend more than $ 40 on your salary.


Apple's Air Pods have not beaten two years after Apple's launch. You know that they are wireless heads, and you know you can never think about the weary wires again. However, more than that. If you give it to someone and rising in their ears, it changes when you listen to music.

Apex's airports

Apex's airports

The lack of wireless phones will be lost due to the lack of wireless music that makes you the personal space around you.

You spend $ 159 from Apple, so you love this procedure. Get a good card and keep airports if you can not afford it enough.

Anker E7 Charger

In the last count, Anzar calls high capacity chargers for your iOS devices and 18 Ultra Compact and 7 pocket-sized chargers 14. Every thing is the same: They allow you to plug your iPhone or iPad into a new charge.

The difference between your IOS battery and your frequency is the number of times the difference is. We take the size of a stamp, and we pap a lipstick-size pop in our travel bag. However, to get used to the most seriously knowing that we are moving away from outlets, we went to E7.

Anker E7 battery charger

Anker E7 battery charger

From Amazon to 63 dollars it will fully recharge your iPhone 10 times. Plus is three USB sockets, so you can connect your iPad simultaneously to help a colleague.

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