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High blood pressure and & # 39; unsafe & # 39; In the case of shopping centers, find a possible link

Using a pop-up health check station, a new study involves the & # 39; Unhealthy & # 39; Find a possible link for suspected or diagnosed high blood pressure cases for autonomous people for shopping centers and checks.

City researchers, London University set up a pop-up health check station at one of seven shopping centers in England, and invited the examiners to check on eye screen for glaucoma signs. The test was conducted by the University's Optometrist, Laura Edwards.

Blood Pressure Readings were offered for 50 percent of the time to attract potential volunteers to a more detailed and familiar health check-up.

It is well known that high blood pressure (hypertension) increases your risk of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, including heart attack and stroke.

In addition to the Rokal Society of Public Health (RSHH) ranking ranking UK, the research team has retail outlets 'unhealthy' in shopping centers. If they are either fast food, takeaway, bookmaker, tanning salon or payday loan business. Town and City shopping centers have their & # 39; unhealthy & # 39; And & # 39; Healthy & # 39; Based on retail outlets.

Researchers have each & # 39; anxiety & # 39; of each shopping center. The basic score was also made, which was the retail outlet ratio on the day of the test related to the total number of retail outlets open in the shopping center.

Pop-up Health Check Station RSHH Ranking Top 10 & # 39; Healthy & # 39; Out of the top 15 & # 39; healthful & # 39; in four shopping centers and ranking from shopping centers. Three of the shopping centers were built.

On the analysis, researchers diagnosed the number of adult volunteers with high blood pressure (revision of blood pressure readings over or above 140/90 mmHg), or 'uncomfortable' for each shopping center. Found a link in the number recorded as scores. Which was a statistically significant result.

They also saw that three 'healthy' recipes from RSPHP ranking (Bristol, Cambridge and Nottingham) In shopping centers, 152 adults (13.1%) were flagged as having high blood pressure readings on 20 repetition tests.

Four & # 39; Unwanted & # 39; Shopping centers (Coventry, Preston, Northampton, Stock-on-Trent) have been sampled, 45 out of 199 adults (22.6%) have high blood pressure reading.

& # 39; Healthy & # 39; Versus & # 39; unsafe & # 39; The difference in the level of high blood pressure reading in shopping centers is a statistically significant result, which is & # 39; unhealthy & # 39; Translates into 72% increase in suspected or diagnosed high blood pressure. & # 39; Healthy & # 39; Shopping center than shopping center

There are limitations in the study, in which the evaluation of a pop-up health check station is not capable of a definitive diagnosis of high blood pressure. Depending on the RSPH report, retail outlets' & # 39; instability & # 39; The score used is the shopping area & # 39; health & # 39; No surrogate marker, and other studies have not been approved.

Conclusions suggest strategies for targeted testing and screening of blood pressure in concentrated shopping centers, which may be subject to further investigation, perhaps in relation to reducing health inequalities.

The study is published in the journal BMC Public Health.

David Craib, professor of city statistics and vision research, led the London University and research team, he said:

"Half of the 40 to 74 year olds offer free NHS health checks. The British Heart Foundation recently provided NHS Health Foundations with a blood pressure check in the gym, nihishops and football stadiums and giving blood pressure checks. We know that there is a need for more effective methods for people to investigate for high blood pressure, and this study reveals insights on some ways. A.

"In our study, more than half the people registered as high blood pressure were aware of the condition or report the history of high blood pressure. It may be that between & # 39; Anxiety & # 39; Healthy & # 39; Shopping Center There may be differences in differences: Finding high blood pressure, management of high blood pressure or combination of both. Both have public health importance and social arthy Should further study the status of their relationship. "

Shirley Kramer, CBE, chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health, said:

"Our research on the high streets of the UK showed how unhealthy businesses are already focusing on areas that are less likely to live in life, and this valuable new research examines this horrible trend in one of the many factors of the game. Pop-Up Health Investigation Stations Some of the socially disadvantaged areas, so the results of this study are in the UK Illustrating the disparity of spreading health, it is a public health priority to disclose and remove health inequalities, and we welcome all the promising opportunities to do so. "


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Shamim Kavadir, Senior Communication Officer, City, London University

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Notes to editors

* This research will be published online in the journal, BMC Public Health Wednesday 23:00 GMT at 01:00 GMT: https: //DoiOrganization /10.1186 /s12889-018-6370-0

* The number of suspected or diagnosed adult volunteers and 'Shopping Center' for high blood pressure (140/90 mmHg over or above blood pressure readings) in the number of adult volunteers. For & # 39; discomfort & # 39; Score has evolved. Statistically significant correlation (R2 = 0.61; P = 0.04).

* & # 39; Healthy & # 39; Versus & # 39; unsafe & # 39; The difference in the volume of high blood pressure reading in the shopping centers was statistically significant (the relative risk of 1.72; 95% confidence interval: 1.06 to 2.78).

* Four & # 39; Unwanted & # 39; Characters from the Royal Society of Public Health Report Rankings And three & # 39; healthier & # 39; The age distribution among shopping centers was almost the same (middle age 56 years).

* Royal Society of Public Health, & # 39; Health on the High Street & # 39; Report: https: //www.RSFOrganizationUK /Resource Library /Health-on-high-streetHTML

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