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I'm tired, but I'm happy, says Chelsea Star Hazard – football


Following the recent efforts, the Eden Hazard is enjoying Chelsea.

In the last months, 27-year-old Chelsea's performance came in third place in the Belgian World Cup. Chelsea's 12 matches lost in the Premier League. Seven goals.

Three games were lost due to injuries and bad scores of Everton against Manchester United 90 minutes ago.

In their next game against Tottenham in November 24 in Chelsea, Chelsea was the second and second only to Lewis Manchester City, behind Liverpool.

"Believe me, I'm tired," said Hazard.

"But I was in a good position to play, for the past three months, I got an injury on my ankle and that's why I'm fresh now.

"If you are happy on the pitch, you can try some things myself.

Iden Hazard is now enjoying his football

Hazard's contract expires in June 2020. Long-term future longevity has been discussed.

In June 2012, he joined Chelsea from Lille in Chelsea. It's not clear that Stamford Bridge needs a "dream" of lulling the deal or real Madrid.

In the moment, future thoughts will come.

For the past seven years, I have always enjoyed myself with Chelsea, "Hazard added.

"I am trying to make me happy when I am pitching, first of all and for fans playing it.

"Now we're doing well, and that's why I'm doing well, now I'm happy with this game."

Jordan picardi knows about Everton in Chelsea

Everton behind Manchester United, one point behind Manchester United, and Cardiff in front of the Mercedes-Benz derby with Liverpool in the next team.

Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford believes results from Stafford Bridge will be from Toffice performance.

"I think everyone is happy with a point," says Picardford.

"This makes our team's spiritual quality clear, and our team really is working hard.

"We are progressing as a group, we can raise as high as possible and start with team spirit, and you can not afford a clean sheet.

"This year we've got new accolade and we have improved it as a squad.

"Quality of our team is good and that's a great challenge for all".

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