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In the mid-2020s, visit the minister to see all the constituencies


Education Minister Aung Yu Kung has announced that the week-long ministers visit will boost their spirits.

By the mid-2020s, the government is considering all constituencies.

Ongil was speaking at a Housing and Development Board Roadshow. Aang said: "Now every week, every moment is going on for one and a half years, constituencies.

We are politically minded people spend a lot of time on our constituencies. But we need to get out of our constituencies that live outside our constituency, like young ministers and pujas. .

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"We can later understand how to survive in Singapore."

People's Action Party (PP) gear changes and changes to the electoral process, "said Singapore Professor Eugene Tan, professor of Singapore Management University.

He sees the fourth generation of leaders who are engaged with the residents.

Prime Minister Lee Hesse Long told PAP's Central Executive Committee last Sunday. The PAP has only two years to prepare for the next General Election.

Ogg responded to the criticism that these community visits could be used for "demonstration". Competition is seen as part of politics.

"Keep going, talk to people who live, let the residents send your feedback," he said. "Try to work on it, fix problems, and keep on doing it without regard to criticism."

Instead of being planned and planned, these visits will be more informative and biological.

Sometimes the residents have got a shock. & # 39; How did you get three people here? & # 39; But I think you have a more authentic interaction that way, it's very natural, and it's probably a more perfect reflection. "

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In 2010, Aung was elected as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the People's Association for the Ministers of the Union. The teams will also participate in the constituencies, fields and constituencies.

Resident Respondents, who spoke on channel NewsAsia, had mixed responses.

Some welcomed this welcome and made increased interventions for the people.

Kelvin Lee, a resident of Sembawang, said, "Most importantly, we have more than one session with ministers and we can give you feedback on how to improve our area."

Woodlands Resident Joseph Foo (47) said: "They will be able to decide on future developments, and they know what will happen from the horses mouth."

But others have questioned their weekly visits effectively whether their problems could be solved.

Xavier Anne, 30, a native of Sebavam, said, "We expect some of the smaller issues to be solved. But what if more and more issues like transportation are not resolved?

Lee Shen Lin, a 32-year-old from Chong Pang, admits: "Do not make the visits even worse, especially in such a short period of time and it takes at least two years to see the result."

He added: "If you are on the floor, you show us that you care about us, but to see the changes, it will not be much faster."

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