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Maybe Liverpool don't need a new lease of life

An easy win over Norwich on Friday convinced Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp's claim that his team did not need new blood – but at least one old question was still pending.

Jurgen Klopp's team has had a lot to do with the lack of fresh faces this season, which was the latest to appear in Liverpool tonight.

First, there was a huge mural of local hero Trent Alexander-Arnold painted on the side of the house near Enfield, which was headed to the team's coach stadium. Then Liverpool players were finally allowed to touch the famous "This is Anfield" sign, as they passed through the tunnel, before Klopp was banned from winning the trophy.

In the stands, we see that Clapp's face now adorns the famous cop banner alongside Bill Shuckley and Bob Paisley, which is some praise. And although not strictly new, the chanting "We are the champions, the champions of Europe" was so good, seeing that it had not aired in more than a decade.

Liverpool's upcoming performance certainly boosted Klopp's claims that there was no need to press new blood to his side. Adam Lallana, who dominated the bench against Manchester City in the pre-season good and Sunday – could not make it to the team today.

Klopp said shortly before the Premier League transfer window closed, "It's as if what's new is seen as more exciting. “It's like a new car. Your old car is completely reliable, but you want a new one, and after two weeks it breaks down. It sounds better, but clearly it's not good. "

While that may prove well worth it on that count, Klopp still has other issues to consider.

Norwich manager Danielle Fark said before the game that her team has come to Enfield to do more than just defend and try to play their natural pass game. It was as good as his word.

It was easy to see why his side, like the championship's top scorers, ended last season, and Norwich will win plenty of friends – and hopefully enough points to survive – if it continues the same vein.

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But a question raised by Norwich came to mind was one of the most frequently asked questions about Liverpool last season.

No one can deny that Alexander-Arnold is constantly doing brilliant, match-changing things going forward. There was usually a nice helping hand from him for Divock Origin's goal, and he was denied just one more by Bobby Firmino's mentor finish in the second half. As we saw again tonight, however, the Alexander-Arnold defenseless mixed bag remains.

Just like what happened against Manchester City on Sunday, every attack recorded in the first half of Norwich – and despite the scoreline, there were good numbers – came to Liverpool's right. This is not a coincidence.

If Liverpool rely on their full back for creativity, then the trade-off of Alexander-Arnold is easy to understand. But, as many would expect, Nabi Keita and Alex Ox will become the starting XI's head from the Clydes-Chamberlain this season, then Klopp will turn right with Oye Gomez on the deep end and on defense to edge defense?

Liverpool will have plenty of sides to defend and finish better than both of Norwich, so Klopp may be forced to respond sooner rather than later.

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