Friday , January 27 2023

NASA has continued to work on the rocket for medals in the future


New Orleans (AP) – An officer of the Space Agency said on Friday that Cruise is working around the clock in NASA's rocket factory, who wants to complete the 2020 deadline for the new fall to examine the mega-rocket designed to advance the astronauts on the Moon.

NASA's Deputy Administrator James Morhead said on a press tour of the New Orleans's Mitchoud Assembly Center, "I came here in the middle … talking to people who were working on the section of the engine."

He said that the core rocket assembly or space launch system __ is 80 percent complete, which is still under assembly in five divisions.

If everything goes well, then frequent delayed Artemis 1 test flight is expected in the fall of 2020, although no launch date has been announced. Orion capsules, which were previously installed before moving the rockets out of 8 minutes and 14 seconds, are called to move forward. Then there is a capsule to make a double loop around the moon during a 25-30 day flight, NASA said.

Officials said that any commercial rocket, current or schematic, not as powerful as the space launch system, would handle three times the weight as heavy load as possible to handle the shuttle. Like many Apollo missions, decades ago, they also hailed a new approach to reaching the moon.

Miconode's Deputy Chief Operations Manager Lionel Dutreux said, "This exciting part will not be like Apollo … where we put the flag on the moon and leave it." "We will go back to the moon and use it as a technical support and knowledge to go to Mars. We are sure that these rockets will meet those needs."

The rocket is not reusable because, under the current plan, it will cost more to recover new engine engine energization and to renew it again, Duetx said.

In December, a huge rocket is taken to the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama to test NASA's Burge Pegasus. Although at the top with the Orion spacefree and its fuel tank, it will be 32 feet (98 meters) taller than the Statue of Liberty, but less than Satter V. Rocket, which will launch SkyLab space station and Apollo program, which gives men the moon

Currently there will be four such RS-25 engines in the rocket section assembled in Micoud, which operate a space shuttle.

Engines were visible in Micoud, marked with a bright red strap "Face Ahead of This Face", which covers its large rear. Officials said that NASA has a more Dirty Artemis mission, which has six more contracts.

It was asked that the expenditure on the program was $ 20 billion to $ 30 billion, the deputy administrator said, "I will stand here and will not give a specific budget."

Morhard will also not say that NASA is expected to add a $ 1.6 billion 2020 budget, requested by President Donald Trump for space exploration.

"$ 1.3 billion was added to the House for Science programs by the House. Senate did not mark the bill. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Senate does."

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