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Nitroglycerine patches help to get tension pain


(Reuters Health) – Patches of Nitroglycerin may help patients with normal injured patches, suggesting a research analysis.

The team concentrated on the shoulders, smells, necks, and knees, often leading to pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by sports or repeated physical activity. Surgery and surgery should be given to damage the physical therapy and corticosteroid injections depending on the faults.

Nitroglycerin patches in chikils learned about another treatment model. Neil Miller of Glasgow University in Scotland said that side effects or side effects have less side effects than surgery. For more than two decades, the toopic nitroglycerin was tested for tendon pain, and has done much research into how well it works.

Millers and colleagues analyzed the combined data from 10 small clinical trials to effectively improve this option. Some patients have neodoglycerin patches and others used in an alternative treatment, or in a posebio or dummy patch. .

After six months of treatment, the toopic nitroglycerin has given a more painful habit than a playboo, reports The British Journal of Miller Sports Medicine.

Miller said that "patients are not getting the best result of improving patient care by emphasizing this," Miller said.

One of five patients may experience headache from the brain, while some find deep patches.

Based on these results, consider the patients to engage in physical therapy in the initial effort to prevent the pain from the patient.

Nevertheless, pain was not affected when the patches were resting for 12 to 24 months. Sometimes, it was still used to improve mobility.

An analysis of analysis is to check out how much patch is more than just a poso that does not complete the researchers' information in all the smaller studies. It is not clear whether this approach is suitable for cutting everywhere in all parts of the body.

Patients will also have nitroglycerin and spices on this issue. This has not been verified by the current study focused on patches.

Doctor of the North Carolina Orthopedic Clinic Dr. Selin Parekh of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, says Selen Parekh.

"Benefits better than plasbo are helping patients to rehabilitate everyday life," said Parekh, who did not participate in the study.

Doctor of the New South Wales University in Sydney, Australia George Morl and Dr. George Morl of Dr George Merel said.

"The treatment for this headache is to cut the patch into smaller pieces, that is, use a small dose," email said that Merle did not share this study.

SOURCE: Sport Medicine British Journal, October 9, 2018.

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