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Oxley road dispute Lee Wei ling and Lee Hessin Yang will be the online paintings and paintings of the family online.


The Oxley Road dispute seemed to have ended last year, but Prime Minister Lee Hessen spent a lot of pictures on their social media pages taking pictures of his family's house.

In July last year, the elder brother of Prime Minister Lee Kuwan Yu's younger children, Lee Lee Lee and Lee Hsien Yang, were thrown into the commonwealth.

They have alleged that the secret council was authorized to make a decision on house arrest and used state agencies against them.

In the parliamentary debate, the prime minister was accused of the prime minister and declared that he had accepted all the allegations. He does not blame his relatives, "he added.

Lee Wei Ling and Lee Henman Yang have made their allegations stronger. But the ceasefire promises a ceasefire to get more evidence of accepting a conditional stance whether they or their father's assaults are misleading.

But that was not the case.

Lee Hossain Yang's eldest son Le Sheng, attorney at the Attorney General's chairman (AGG), posted a private "friends-only" Facebook post that criticized Singapore's government and judiciary.

In a Wall Street Journal article drawn up by Oxley RDF, Shengzhou himself said in his own words: "The Singapore Government is a very illegal court system that causes international media to report it normally."

Lee Kun-Yu and Lee Hessen Long were also misusing the New York Times author's censorship.

AGG initiated an initiative to start a case at Harvard Associate Professor in the University of Harvard Associate Professor next year – returning to Singapore to deal with legal procedures through the "happy" and "fulfillment" AGC.

He was publicly supported by Sheng's father and aunt. Dr. Lee Wieing noticed whether government officials were used to monitor private chains of the family. The case shows how to control the "big brother" zinny.

"I am surprised and takeover of a private post is in such adverse reaction. Do you have to follow the government's responsibility to supervise the activity of all Facebook related to haysin yaninum I? Moreover, a common topic, the well-known face of vansajanekkuricc. This is" the great Brother of the government, "a udaharanamalle? Maybe it was" a lot of Tip If E, take it. "

In October, Lee's brothers, Lee Henman Yang, declared that the Prime Minister did not try to solve problems in private life. Mr Lee's comments suggest that the problems of family members remain unresolved and that they are not closer to Trilogy.

Describing the family concern as "tired", the head of the government said, "I'm not sure whether it will be solved." His brothers will improve in the future if the brother is still troubled by his relatives, but the relationship is concerned.

He added: "Perhaps one day, when emotions are low, some movement will be possible."

Lee Hesse Yang returned to Brother's words: "Our brother says that we are not sure that the dispute will be resolved, along with his publicity statement, did not make any effort to reach us in solving private matters.

"The lawyer faces the lawyer of private lawyer Henry Long's brother, and the letters of the AGG are repeatedly referring to the family court."

Former presidential candidate Dr. When looking at the tan chong box, Lee Hesse Yang got a lot of attention. The opposition demanded the Leader of the Opposition.

While some indicate that the relationship between the Prime Minister and Lee is in the middle of the day, the social networking house still points out that housekeeping is still taking a picture of their family home.

In September 2015, Dr. Lee Wei Ling changed his Facebook profile photo and in May 2017, Lee Hassin Yang changed his Facebook cover photo – two months before the brothers raised their allegations against Lee.

Two sisters are shooting their older brother and then displaying the picture on their Facebook wall.

Lee Henzien Yang Fb

I do not know if Lee Kuwan makes more grief – whatever happens to our family or Singapore: Li Sheng

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