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Singapore Environment Minister of Forests Amir Khor said that seven new projects will be implemented next month to develop a model for the Community Awareness Center (CYC). Hover centers.

These include: Enhanced support for the stealthholders in handling costs, Regulator National Environmental Agency (NEA) will also supervise the welfare of workers and SEHC operators will set up structural channels for hawks to provide feedback.

In Parliament, Dr Hawthorne said in Parliament that house happing group, hawkers and other experts were involved in the examination of how Singapore's hawker's culture and how new the shoppers would be. Khor said.

UNESCO's UNESCO Human Rights Cultural Heritage List (UNESCO) represents a culture culture nominated in Singapore in 2019.

Meanwhile, the contents of SHCs have raised questions from 13 MPs on Monday. Gun Thiema Pooh (Ang Mo Kirov) and Miss Lee Lee Van (Seen GRC) were questioned.

Though Dr Kour admitted it was difficult to obtain the SEHC model from the start, he promised to ensure that the appropriate ministries were working to solve the problem.

When asked about the problems that broke out in the recent months, they asked him to understand.

"As with any trial, the SEHC model is difficult to get from the start, especially in the 30 years we have not built new hoker centers.

Seven new entrants handle five social enterprise organizations. Koufu, Fei Siong Social Enterprises, NTC HOVER MANAGER through foodfire, timber hoovers, couami and OTMH.

These companies are forced to re-partition their contribution to the social benefits of the hover centre centers. The Housing Board and NEA's other hawker center are supervised.

In the last 30 years, the government started building hoardings in 2011 to ensure the stability of the cooked foodstuffs against the domination of coffee and food courts.

In the SEHC model, the dish washing center is centralized, the tray-return system is automated. This feature is to ensure a clean environment by overcoming stress.

But there were problems with some workers about high housing, uncontrolled washing expenses, and long hours of work.

There have been several steps taken to resolve these issues in the past few weeks.

Dr. "We have set some important components, do the market operations, and get feedback when we get feedback, we will try to fix the fastest and most important things we did in the past month," he said.

"We do not take stock of the model and it will continue to refresh the Singaporeans to improve it."

"Redress must ensure fair and speculative action," to help reduce hoard spending.

In contrast to popular opinion, Dr.Core pointed out that the average number of monthly sessions per month of $ 2,000 was rented and cafes and foodcourts around the rent were not connected.

"As they do not reach near rentals at these private f & b outlets, other operating costs range from $ 4,000 to $ 13,000." According to current hockey centers, stall holder does not provide astronomical rents. "

In addition, SEHC operators are not allowed to increase rental or operating expenses during rental periods.

In fact, the rent and operating expenses of these two centers are comparable.

The service and cover rate range from $ 110 to $ 350 a month. Hawker Centers range from $ 130 to $ 450 a month.

Likewise, the STCs charge for cleaning up to $ 350 to $ 550 and from existing centers ranging from $ 200 to $ 830.

For two years, centralized Washington Corporations will pay 50 percent in 2019 and 30 percent by 2020.

"We recognize that workers who work in new centers need some support in the transition, and have time to take their consumer base," he said. The subsidies on the first year are "building their customer so they will support them".

Second Area Focus If new soft-touch reactors for NEA have been reviewed and supervised the welfare of gamers, a number of new laws have been announced.

Five days a week from January 1, 2019 to stop the hawars and provide notice for two months.

Security deposits made by Operator will not be rented within 2 months.

Operators will bring damage to damages. Other charges apply to hackers. However, a small amount of money will be paid 50 dollars per day and 100 dollars per head is important.

SEHC operators will carry any legal fees related to rent.

NEA will continue to address concerns in other areas, "Dr Kork added," requiring them to communicate their agreements in a simpler language to understand the terms of the agreement.

Our Tribunal Hub SEHC calls for the community for 24 hours hawkers' center. Failure to meet has failed, so operators and workers will adjust the setting.

"Along with changes in time, those who do not wish to continue 24 hours of operation they have been able to do can now do that," they added.

As part of the revision of the SEHC model, the NEA said that if it looked at criteria for operators, whether it was going to the market command or to suggest any other safety systems.

In an NEA review, they said they liked operators.

They do not agree to the legal fees that a deal has been suspended and new immigration agreements and renewal.

SEHC operators need final care to establish Structured Feedback channels for employees. All have done so, at least one meeting with their stallholder.

I hope this important and regular meetings encourage communication, resolve daily problems, and reduce misunderstandings, "she said.

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