Saturday , June 10 2023

Photo outside of the Beyonce Disaster: SCDF files 5 NSF


Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) for five full-time National Services (NSF) to take and propagate a photo of the incident involving a bionics vehicle at the Singapore Armed Forces training ground.

A popular photo in social media shows a bionics vehicle on top of the broken Land Rover. SCDF and ambulance can be seen in the background.

The Corporal First Class (CFC) had said that Land Rover driving was "lu ki". He died in the accident.

The two NSF responded to the accident at the Jalan Murai training area on November 3 and took unauthorized photographs. They sent photos to some of their fellow NSFs through an app chat group.

SCDF has claimed that three of the NSFs who received these photographs had sent them to their friends. Then a photo appeared in social media.

"The SCDF has taken serious note of this and has provided police report for illegal activities against five NSFs.

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Transport Operator CFC in SFFS Transport Hub West Liu (22) Land Rover worked as part of a field training training.

He used drugs and used drugs. The Defense Ministry said that he died later.

The CFC has provided a warship earlier this week.

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The second photo of the accident, the distance from the vehicles and the SFF personnel were posted on social media.

The leaked photos are going on.

"All officers serving in the SFF are subject to restrictions in unauthorized photographs or video clips," the ministry said in a response to the channel's news agency.

"Criminals will be tried to ensure that these strict rules for the protection of our security are not being hijacked."

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