Monday , August 2 2021

Recognize the existence of liquid water on Mars

Опровергнуто существование жидкой воды на Марсе

Experts found a problem when searching for hydrated perlocortals on a map of Mars.

Scientists from Caltech (USA) came to the conclusion that due to inappropriate processing of data, the interplanetary station Mars Reconcinance Orbiter has been received, this device is mistaken for the presence of hydrated salt on the red planet. Thus, some areas on the planet where it was formerly considered waterborne, in reality it is completely dry and inanimate.

Experts found a problem when searching for hydrated perlocortals on a map of Mars, which is based on information received from spectrometer in visible and nearby infrared radiation (CRISM). Perklorate reduces cooling water at 80 degree Celsius, which makes possible the existence of liquid water in the Martin environment. The existence of the phenol on Mars is also known as the surface of the planet and the spacecraft landing on Curiosity Rover, due to Phoenix.

The presence of minerals on Mars, scientists are determined by reflecting the wavelength of the planet from the surface of the planet. Chemicals absorb and reflect light in a specific way. However, CRISM cameras are not always properly, as a result that it detects reflected light spots where it should not be. Algorithms for improving such errors, sometimes making the spectra dips on the same wavelength at the wavelength. Scientists have written algorithms that allow identification of the CRISM parceloort on the map of small deposits, and the program has declared a wider presence of salts on the surface of Mars, in which there is no condition for their design.

Now scientists are working on a more specific method for parochromatic validation, which is not based solely on spectral data. According to researchers, perlocarates are still present on Mars, however, it has become clear that they are more difficult to find than they thought earlier.

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