Friday , January 15 2021

Renderers & # 39; iPhone 11 & # 39; The prototype is capable of displaying, it has three rear-facing cameras and a square camera bump

The rumors of the 2019 iPhone have not been in full gear yet, though trusted Leakor Online has partnered with, who believe that it provides the recognition of iPhone Prototypes of 2019.

These images show that the new iPhone will show three rear cameras in a particularly aesthetic aesthetic, which will be kept in a huge camera square bump. The middle between the three cameras is out of line with the other two, and the camera is offset above …

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Onlx says that this render is based on the EVV hardware, so this design has not been locked yet. Evity means & # 39; Engineering validation testing & # 39; , And Apple hardware generally progresses from EVET to DVV (design accreditation testing) in PVT (manufacturing validation testing) phase.

Therefore EVV prototypes are relatively early in the process, but common features – such as adding extra cameras – are generally locked at this point.

This design is likely to be controversial because the design is very bad. Flats and lenses are optional alternatively in the vertical bar, and if you look closely, the additional microphone is placed at the bottom right corner of the square camera bump.

If this report is believed, customers who expect the final pickup of the camera bump may need to reset their expectations.

The idea behind the iPhone's three-rear camera has been spread by the rumor mill for a while, but this design implementation is definitely unexpected. It creates a line of potentially ultimate prototypes camera uniform, which reduces the design to TED & # 39; Crazy & # 39; Will make However, there may be functional reasons that explain the odd design, perhaps Apple needs to differentiate between the lens to generate more in depth contrast maps with just two lenses.

Three cameras can help take better photos, enable the device to collect more light and color information, or have apps for extended reality. It is possible that the third lens is a depth sensor rather than a standard RGB camera lens.

We hope Apple will continue with three model lineups in 2019, probably the triple-camera system will be reserved for top-end models. Apple & # 39; iPhone 11 & # 39; Branding will roll with, or will use a different name for subsequent iPhone XS, it's unknown.

OnLex has a good track record of accuracy for the new Apple hardware. He wiped out 2018's iPad Pro's design in September last year, and in 2010 the iPhone X's release featured perfect hardware renders in run-up.

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