Saturday , February 4 2023

Samsung's next phone is tied up like a book


Flip phone, we do not understand.

A Future Phone was released like a book to show a 7.3 inch screen. Part pocket-sized flip phone, partial tablet, it's in there The cool idea I've seen in the smartphone designs over the years.

You should see this to believe it-unfortunately we got to cay. We think a smartphone screen is a limited glass cover with the size of the device. However, Samsung's Infinity Flux display folders shrink and shrinks into a smaller form.

Samsung is liable for a great phone launcher, but in 2019 Samsung has not offered a price, price, or timeline. The Korean electronics giant displayed a new display technology at the Annual San Francisco Developer Conference. The app developers create experiences that make use of it.

In an interview, Samsung mobile division CEO DJ Kochhot said, the phone was not a gymnasium. "In terms of productivity, a large screen is always good," he said. "If we are on the bigger screen than the note, it will become a tablet." We started this simple idea three or four years ago. "

Compressed, the device has a screen in front of it. When opening, the interior screen puts the flat – with a little hint of a crease – to show the widescreen version of any previously run app.

How do they get back to the screen? Samsung has had bendable OLED screens over the years, but they are right behind the glass. The interlocking phone's interior screen uses a different type of polymer transparent element, which can be opened or closed at 300,000 times. Let's see how it's used in the real world.

This is for the new one on the phones. Samsung has helped create great phone trends that become standard for Apple's iPhone XS Max. But smartphone designs smartphone designs are much better than the more radical new ideas – consumers, over time, wait more time to upgrade.

The Chinese telecom company Huawei is working on a return trip that replaces a computer.

What will we do on that big screen? There are some ideas, such as games like games, video, multitask and three open applications. Software software and user experiences help in using new software to use Samsung's software. "We can not happen on our own," he said.

Samsung's phone was sent to help Google. Anybody should use the phone of the Android phone's phone. "There are so many challenges we can win together," Koh said.

Cooperative approach makes Samsung different from Apple, and it hides newer technologies that are not generally completed. Justin Delison, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics USA, said, "We're together a vast canvas," Justin Delison said.

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