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Schwanz Yimo is finally awarded Director of Golden Horse Award and Entertainment News


Famous Chinese director Zhang Yimo finally won the Golden Horses Award for the Director. His first Golden Horse Award in Shadows was a long career in his decades. This is in the style of a Chinese ink drawing.

He won the award at the function held in Taipei last day. The Golden Horse Award is named Oscar in Chinese language film. Jahang is famous for his first nomination for Best Director.

He was speaking to journalists in Barcelona. All other directors are quite different. "Although this is my first nominee, I thought I would have other options in the future," he said.

The shadow was created by three home plates for 12 awards.

Best Feature Film has been enacted at the Elephant Sitting Still, which also won the Best Adaptive Screenplay. The novel was written by director Hu Ho. Last year, 29 years of age committed suicide.

Hein Yin-Suewan of Thai Van was walking into the beloved dancer's beloved dancer's widow for the rights of her beloved husband. She is also accompanied by famous Chinese actresses SunLi and Shaw Quan.

Chinese actor Shu Jing Dying to die to be the best leader acter. There he becomes a fake drug agent.

In recent years, 55th Annual Awards

The Taiwanese-American director Lee Ank won the Oscar for Best Actress this year. The award was given after the script of the movie 'Gold Li' was superb. Respect

Gong presided over the jury of this year.

Hong Kong Actor Andy Lau, Red Paratana, A Listed Celebrities Karina Love and Eisen Chan also visited this year.

Taiwanese, Hong Kong and others have won the Best Actor Award. Ding Ning, Slink Pong, is the best co-star in town for the best co-worker for the best co-star Ben Yunan won the Best Supporting Actress.

The new face of the long-time No-So Sea Marine King Pangong, a member of Tao's native Tao.

Singapore's director James Limbang's documentary Shambri Dryre: The First Ambrele – in 2014's democratic movement in Hong Kong – our young people lost in Taiwan.

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