Friday , June 18 2021

Scientists have confirmed the existence of mythical continent

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This continent was "nomadic".

Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. Nicolau A. A In ancient times, a continent called Artita was first connected to some areas, chronicle.

First, the ancient continent was part of Rodinia. One continuous modern continent. Nearly 750 million years ago. He later joined the 250-year-old Pargah Arcade.

The above events have now created the existing Continental Arctic Shelf. Artists are associated with hyperbolia. Pliny the Elder of the ancient Rome – the scientist mentioned it. According to the latest version, the continents were quite different. It is noteworthy that evidence does not exist for the survival of the second continent.

The fact of the existence of hyperbolia, the most recent inventions invented by Leverter is only hot. Walls of common geometric shapes, wells, various large blocks, recordings, written artifacts.

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