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Singapore Airlines has experienced security breach, disclosing personal information of more than 280 Criswell Flier members

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Singapore – According to the software error experienced by Singapore Airlines, private information of 280 Criswell Flier members was disclosed to other members. Some of their passport numbers were shared with strangers.

Something went off when Trisia Leo of Chesterfire entered his account on Saturday 5th January. She saw a different email address on her profile page and after refreshing her login, she could see the complete history of an anonymous person, upcoming travel, miles, and other information. He tried to call Singapore Airlines to report this incident, but he was advised to log in for 24 hours from "Upgrading his system". Sue According to Trisia, "I did not even have a problem with the report about what happened until the official asked." This is a serious security breach of personal information and it was unusual that the initial reaction of the airline was very satisfied.

Sue Trisia went on social media and posted her experience in the hope of spreading awareness.

Security breaches on the SQL, just to get a super-fired response … so this happened to me. I logged in to my crisper …

Posted by Trisia Leo on Friday, January 4, 2019

Due to her report, the SIA has taken care of the problem and has updated the public on what has happened. It turns out that software error occurred in the system and 284 crisp accounts were affected. Their names, flight history, recent mile practices and awards were disclosed to other members. In addition, seven cases of total cases may have been revealed by their passport number.

Bug fixes the way in which two members log in at the same time will see details of one another. According to the SIA, the breach came from internal sources and was not done by the external party.

Singapore Airlines has issued an update that this issue has been resolved and is now moving forward with affected customers for more information. They have approached Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission, while taking steps to ensure that the event does not happen again.

Nativity is very insufficient with the situation, especially how SIA responds to Mr. Leo.

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Lysalim Foxx commented how the digital digital would be due to what happened to Singapore.

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Meanwhile, Wallace Oong is interrogating that the breach gives freakhiffy because of it.

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