Sunday , September 25 2022

Snapchat selfie sparks attack on Indian flight


KOLKATA: A passenger was taken off an Indian plane and detained for questioning after he posted on a photo of himself on Snapchat alongside the word "terrorist", officials said on Tuesday (Nov 27).

Yogvedant Poddar, 21, was removed from the Jet Airways flight after a passenger spotted him "Terrorist on flight, I destroy women's hearts" in his phone.

The caption accompanied by a photo he had taken in half of his face covered with a handkerchief, Kolkata Deputy Commissioner of Police Avvaru Ravindranath told AFP.

Irish national Benjamin Plackett was sitting on Poddar on the Monday to Mumbai service flight and alerted the cabin crew as the plane was ready for take-off.

Poddar was taken off the flight and detained for nearly ten hours before being let go without charge, Ravindranath said.

"We questioned him extensively. We found no terror link. It was a message that was meant only for his friends and was not intended to hurt," said the police official.

Jet Airways said in a statement that a passenger had been "deplaned for security reasons".

"The aircraft goes for its destination with a revised flight timing" after the necessary checks had carried out, the airline added.

In an Indian passenger on a GoAir flight sparked panic in mid-air when he tried to open a plane door, apparently mistaking it for the toilet.

The same week, a passenger was kicked off an IndiGo service after the plane was ready for cockpit to charge his phone.

India's aviation market is witnessing a massive increase in passenger numbers as its growing middle class take advantage of cheap fares and better connectivity, with many being skies for the first time taking.

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