Monday , March 20 2023

The doctors said, how to leave a breakfast?


Mother Teresa

Some products are good for morning and afternoon.

A study by the University of Macquarie (Australia) in Sydney has found that the breakfast was not enough to eat breakfast.

Researchers' experimental results show that dietary intake on breakfast for breakfast is on glucose metabolism and turbulent trouble in the appetite system, which helps in overweight and overweight.

102 were invited to participate in the experiments, which were divided into two groups. One of them is eating regularly on breastfeeding food preparations – a stunning sandwich, a chocolate milk shake.

It was found that morning meal consumers suffered from hunger. Negative changes occur in their body – in particular, they had a falling insulin sensitivity and lack of blood sugar.

Scientists say that the amount of sugar in the blood is consumed by the signals from the hippopotamus. Participants were asked to make awareness experiments, giving the worst results for the people who ate a meal.

Scientists at the University of Oxford who have undergone experiments with daily use of fax food have also examined this mood. In addition, this habit reduces the performance of memory and mental ability tests.

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