Wednesday , August 4 2021

The man on the red is believed to cross the road after the man stops arguing with the rain driver

Photo: Facebook / Kenny Chan

Yesterday morning, Netizen Kenny Chan came to Facebook to share a video of a man who passed the road on the red, but stopped arguing with the driver standing in the rain.

Video & # 39; Facebook Singapore Taxi Driver & # 39; Was shared on. He wrote as a title, "Two lucky souls on the rainy night, one sitting in a car enjoying a puppet show." A puppet standing in the rain ".

This incident happened with the Benedik Reservoir Road at the junction of Jalan Damai.

The video is probably taken from the car's dashboard camera and hence noise can be crossed on the road along the way of noise void, rainy roads. It stops halfway on the driver and stops, which leads to the assumption that it is believed to cross over the red. Despite the rains, the man stands next to a driver with a horror and talking to the driver.

Although the driver was respecting the man while crossing the road on the red, but the netizens who commented that he took the pedestaler aside and says that a little patience will last a long time.


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