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The Nadal season ends, and The Jokoquin handles the year-end number ranks


Novak Djokovic was the first Indian to win the top spot after two years. Novak Djokovic is the first person to be the record holder in ATP rankings.

The 2018 Rafael Nadal was to take action in 2017. Nadal, who suffered an immediate surgery, withdrew from the ATP final on Monday.

Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors reached the top spot in the ATP rankings for the fifth time in 1973 at the Computer Ranking.

"It's a very unusual achievement to reflect on the things that I've been doing in the past year," said Joshovich, the second-ranked leader last week, in November 2016. Of course, it is very happy. Five months ago, if you said – that was so unexpected, considering my ranks and the role I played in the court. "

In May, Jocovic (31) was knocked down. After 6-6, he was recovering from his right arm. In 2006, when he was 22, it was for teens.

In the Wimbledon and the US Open, Marion Vajada, who won the Grand Slam title, defeated Djokovic 43-5. Rochetti is in the Paris Masters tournament. Djokovic defeated Karen Khachnov in the final.

Djokovic is in the 14th place. Federer is at third with Sampras. For Federer 20, Nadal is in the 17th place.

Marut Sapheen was the second and second number one in 2000, having been uninvited for the Top 20 to No. 1 in one season. In second place before the end of that year. (See Queence No. 1)

"This Nobel has been a success at all times of the sport," said APP executive chairman Chris Kenned. An unusual and unusual return of six months ago. "

Natal has said that she is upset about the stomach disorder that she can withdraw from Paris Masters. He could not attend the tournament in London next week, but he was undergoing surgery.

Juan Martin Del Potro After retiring from the semi-finals, he retired after the retirement of the right knee.

Nadal has a 32-4, 45-4 record. Nadal is among the five French Open championships.

John Icelor will replace Natal in the ATP final.

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