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The new center to open, manage and control MyOppio in the first quarter of 2019, health news and top stories


Singapore: A new center will be added to initiate a fight for facing breast cancer in the first quarter of 2019 to prevent, control and control.

MIPP Center runs clinical services and clinical and product trials at the Singapore National Eye Center (SNE) located at the former BEDIC Poly Clinic.

On Tuesday (November 13), Minister of Health and Family Affairs mini p. He said. "The importance of the baby in Singapore is at the highest rate in the world."

Receive awareness and improvement in service delivery, and research is essential to reduce the risk of developing uterus, "he said.

By 2050, myofia is a solution to more than half of the global population. A billion people are expected to be in high blood clot by 2050. It will help to cause retinal illness and increase the chances of blindness.

The Health Promotion Board (HPBC) had earlier announced in Singapore the situation in the last 10 years. In primary school, primary school grew from 65 per cent to primary school and 28 per cent in primary education.

The MIPCIC center focuses attention on prevention and control of the lungs, said Professor SNEC Medical Director. Said Wang Tone Yin.

"We are committed to providing the highest quality standards in SNEC," he said, adding that at the center, our efforts will be able to make our efforts, controls and treatment in Mayop.

The center will also work to create public awareness about this situation.

Even though the uterus is partially genus, Singapore is one of the highest rates. Because children spend a little time reading and writing more time.

In recent times, Singapore has taken several steps to deal with Myopias. Increasing the eye drops contained in the production of microorganisms helps to concentrate 0.01 percent to control childhood childhood.

HLB has implemented many initiatives under the National Migration Prevention Program. For example, give HPB a spectrum voucher fund. There grants grants to students who need glasses, conduct audits in pre-schools and secondary schools.

The Ministry of Education and external workshops include programs that have a good influence on the eyesight during the time spent. According to the World Health Organization Report released by 2015, children spend more than an hour each day less likely to reduce the risk of reciprocity.

The Mypria Center's announcement was announced at a Joint Meeting in Mapopia organized by the Singapore I Research Institute (SIEE). WHO (WHO); International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB); Beeline Holden Vision Institute (BHVI).

Two days after the meeting, the conference is organized by 40 scientists, researchers, clinical professionals, Pacific, Oceania, parts of Asia and Diplomats.

SNEC, SERI, Johnson & Johnson Vision are among the top news companies in the Mupi Center announced on Monday with a $ 36.35 million research cooperative.

The first in Asia is its public-private-strategic partnership, to understand how it develops and how it progresses, as well as the goal and purpose of developing innovative treatment and methods.

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