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The offender is & # 39; out of compensation & # 39; Repeat, who is guilty of armed robbery for a homeless cleaner

Singapore: A criminal offender has been convicted for robbery and theft on Thursday (December 20th) since 1973.

Mohammed Qasim Hussain, who was unemployed and homeless, plotted a plot with a 40-year-old ex-partner, Shanmugam Koval, who was to be robbed of a former girlfriend, who was a homeless.

Thanusha Palanandi, a 21-year-old Malaysian victim, worked as a cleaner in the HDB hub in Toa Peh and sleeps frequently.

Mr. Thanushu had taken the date of Shanmugam for a while, but when he informed her to police for stealing her money, things were nailed.

As a result, I lost a job as a cleaner, and took part in a part-time job wash in the HDB Hub.

They went to Kassim, who was his former ally, and suggested that he stole money and two gold chains from MS Thanusha and split the boots.

Kasim agreed and Shanmugam showed them places where his ex-girlfriend had often slept near the Toa Paoh HDB Hub, where there were also ways to avoid the discovery by closed-circuit television cameras.

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On August 12, at around 1 am, two men went to the basement of the HDB Hub, where MS Thanush was sleeping.

Kaseem, who was armed with a knife in the kitchen, stole a mobile phone from Sussansa at the cost of S $ 129.

However, Shanmugam said that instead he wants a gold chain, so Qasim again went to Mesh Thanusha, tapping his feet to take her legs.

When she woke up, Kaseem was knife in the kitchen on her. She came down and pulled two gold chains worn around her neck, and broke into the next conflict.

When he was tired, Thanusha's wallet was out of her bra and Kaseem took it too.

He then demanded that she wear five gold rings on her fingers, threatened to cut her fingers, but she refused, kicked her and saved her.

He asked the police officer for help from the safety officer.

In total, Kasim Ms Thanushali stole $ 3,869 items, including cash, gold chains and various ATM cards.

A day later, he was arrested, while the police gazette was issued for his colleague, who lives most often.

Deputy Public Prosecutor calls for preventive detention for Gabriel Lim Kasim – Hardest jail sentence used for rigorous criminals.

He said that Kasim was "out of compensation", who showed a list of his earlier offenses commencing from 1973, with his latest conviction this year.

Kasim, who was not present, told an interpreter that he was old and asked for sympathy and generosity.

District Judge NG Peng Hong sought a report of preventative detention

The sentence is set for January 10.

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