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The U-turn market in China is speculative


Speculators are coming out for a stronger comeback in the stock market in China. Auction of stocks in loss-making companies, traders, fundraising, background lists, etc.

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In the attempt to curb China's recession in 2015-16, the authorities are trying to encourage investments in companies that invest money and encourage others to acquire mergers and acquisitions (M & A).

These measures mark the steps to prevent further regulatory powers introduced two or three years ago. The last major way of building a boom-and-bass cycle is to prevent it.

However, concessions quickly increased the speculative bargaining in potential acquisition targets and small cap shares trading.

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For some, the unnecessary regulatory intervention is clear and provides a strong and open capital market. But for others, the new policies are a dangerous "Fostian bargen" that provides short-term stability at the cost of sustainable values.

"Currently, all urgent measures are related to the Devil." Yuan Yew, partner in Water Vasam Asset Management, said. He added that it would be difficult for the speculators to curb market speculation.

The number of speculators has declined during the past years, when suppression of market fraud and insider trading occasionally erupted.

Nevertheless, on October 19, China's most securities are committed through the regulator. Market Infrastructure is raising through multiple markets and the rapid return of shareholders.

"Special treatment", or ST Stocks – Companies making losses Index track, including high risks or potential delisting possibilities, increased from 30 to 30% on October 19.

This increases with a 3% increase in the CSI 300 index .The last year was just the CSI 300 's.

Cash for companies that are expected to target their targets for backdrop listings called "Shell Companies".

The Hengley Industrial Development Group Group also benefited.000622.SZ), In the last seven weeks of the investment in stock exchanges tripled.

Automatic air conditioner makers, the speakers often ignored warning.

Depending on existing profitability and valuation, investors who buy stock must wait 2,800 years to receive their investment through dividend payments. An investment banker in Heglí has ​​not been informed of this. No company disclosures.

Speculators rushed to the Changsing Biomechanics002680.SZ), The company's deliberations are likely to be at the center of the nationwide defense vacuum security scam.

While investors lost the Shancheng Stock Exchange, a sixth session was a special session on Thursday. Could not reach Changsheng for a comment.

Market Lobbying?

Between 2013 and 2015, the waste management has risen in the M & E and private partnership systems, leading to cheap lease, cheaper transaction, price-sharing, and smooth hillsides lying in companies' books.

Following the collapse of 2015-16, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has identified scrutiny of stake sales in the M &

But in the next few weeks, regulator's moves overturn these prisoners. On October 19, CMRCM & A fast track of A-Deals was also approved. Early Public Offers (IPO) have announced that the list of retractable companies of companies dismissed may be withdrawn the next day.

Last week, the CSRC revised the list of companies listed for more updated and more widely used companies.

Easy fundraising enables debt-linked companies to pay debt & speed up debt. The central bank is expected to utilize the cash flow through lowering interest rates.

However, Juan of Water Wonder, the rules that allow him to pass said, are going to give the benefit to interest-free groups, and the government is "publicly abducted".

Shenzhen said fund manager of LC Securities.

"If the luggage companies have bought, they make a lot of money … who will be interested in blue-chips?"

The CSRC did not reply to the Reuters request for commenting on the story.

Selling more than new speculative is due to a rise in sales.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange will try to avoid interfering with trading on November 2 and pledge to exclude regulatory powers such as suspension of trading accounts. CRRC On October 30, "unnecessary intervention" in the market has been reduced. He welcomed that the Wu Baising Government was "correcting" the real estate investor.

"The speculative lubricants are speculative," he said. "If the speculation does not happen, the market will be banned."

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